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Download AP Calculus Cheat Sheet PDF Cram Chart

1 min readβ€’may 15, 2022

AP Calculus AB/BC ♾️

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Get Ready for the AP Calculus Exam

The AP Calculus AB and BC exams are coming up, these review charts and cheat sheets will make sure you have everything you need to prepare. Make sure to check out the AP Calc crams so that you can have a teacher-led review as well, and review the brief explanation of the structure of this year's exam!

Multiple Choice Section AB & BC

  • 45 Questions in 1 hour
    • 30 Questions - no calculator
    • 15 Questions - graphing calculator required (for paper and pencil exam)
  • Worth 50% of your score

Free Response Section AB & BC

  • 6 Questions in 1 hour and 30 minutes
    • 2 Questions - calculator required
    • 4 Questions - calculator not permitted (for paper and pencil exam)
  • Worth 50% of your score
Try using a study timer like the one in Fiveable rooms to maximize your efficiency when preparing for the exam!

AP Calculus Cheat Sheet PDF & Review Chart

Use this review chart to help you study all of the concepts and important equations for the AP Calculus AB and BC tests! This information will help guide your studying process!
AP Calculus PDF - Review Chart
Browse Study Guides By Unit
πŸ‘‘Unit 1 – Limits & Continuity
πŸ€“Unit 2 – Fundamentals of Differentiation
πŸ€™πŸ½Unit 3 – Composite, Implicit, & Inverse Functions
πŸ‘€Unit 4 – Contextual Applications of Differentiation
✨Unit 5 – Analytical Applications of Differentiation
πŸ”₯Unit 6 – Integration & Accumulation of Change
πŸ’ŽUnit 7 – Differential Equations
🐢Unit 8 – Applications of Integration
πŸ¦–Unit 9 – Parametric Equations, Polar Coordinates, & Vector-Valued Functions (BC Only)
β™ΎUnit 10 – Infinite Sequences & Series (BC Only)
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