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AP Computer Science A PDF Cheat Sheet & Review Chart

1 min readβ€’october 19, 2021


Aaron Cope

AP Computer Science AΒ πŸ’»

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Get Ready for the AP Computer Science A Exam

The AP CSA exam is around the corner, so its time to get your cram on! Make sure you know what day you're exam will be administered with 2021's new system for exams (May 6th, May 18th & June 1st).

Multiple Choice Section

  • The multiple choice part of this AP CSA test has 40 questions.
  • You are given an 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this section.
  • This section is worth 50% of the test.

Free Response Section

  • 4 free response questions
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the section
  • This section equates to the other 50% of the test grade.

AP Computer Science A Cram Chart

Refresh yourself on all the key vocabulary, concepts, and systems in AP CSA using our cram chart! This chart serves as a great guide to aid you in your studying!
AP Computer Science A PDF- Review Chart
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βž•Unit 1 – Primitive Types
πŸ“±Unit 2 – Using Objects
πŸ–₯Unit 3 – Boolean Expressions & if Statements
πŸ•ΉUnit 4 – Iteration
βš™οΈUnit 5 – Writing Classes
⌚️Unit 6 – Array
πŸ’ΎUnit 7 – ArrayList
πŸ’»Unit 8 – 2D Array
πŸ–²Unit 9 – Inheritance
πŸ–±Unit 10 – Recursion
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