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Harrison Burnside

Harrison Burnside

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Memes are how AP students communicate. Throughout the laughter, we all learn so much through the messages behind the memes. So (drumroll please)🥁.... we have searched far and wide on the internet to bring you the BEST in AP Computer Science Principles Memes.

Saved by 10memes- Inspired from a Quora post

Meme #1


Source: Pinterest

Ok, I have to admit, these are somewhat true. Programming can be complicated, and at times, even the best programmers may not know what step(s) to take or what went wrong. However, in APCSP, especially in the create performance task, you need to know what you’re doing. You may not understand why your code is not working. However, if everything doesn't manage to “work out” in your code, you should go through the heuristic thought 💭 process once again. Think logically, just like a computer!

Meme #2


Source: WSP Lily Bello Intro Comp Sci B at WHS Spring 2016

Boolean are types of data that are only composed of two values: true or false. Boolean expressions are basically mathematical expressions that involve comparison signifiers, like < , >, =, ≥, ≤. The “BOOLEAN” is a pun of the word “bullying” as +-*/ can “bully” and cause Boolean expressions to change (from any of these to the other: < , >, =, ≥, ≤), which can change the outcome of TRUE 👍 or FALSE 👎 in a string of code.
Example: ! means NOT. So if a code is !((5+5)==10), this will report 0 (or false) because while 5+5 is 10 (making the inner parentheses true), the ! negates this.
If a code is !((5-5)==10), this will report 1 (or true) because while 5-5 is not 10, the ! negates this.
Changing the operation signs can cause the output to change, completely 🤯

Meme #3


Source: Pinterest

This one is just about abstraction in coding. Abstraction is when a programmer hides the ‘irrelevant’ or messy work to reduce the complexity of the overall code. It can be done in various ways. One way involves “setting up variables” that you may use later on, and defining them within, usually putting "{" and "}" to show what is “inside the code”.
The more abstraction, the cleaner (and more efficient) your code looks, hence the reaction 😳 of Vince Mcmahon. However, more abstraction isn't necessarily better. If you abstract too much, it seems like the code is way too “simplistic” and may not even be efficient because some of the important details of the code may be hidden.

Meme #4


Source: Kevin Ng- Reference from a Tumblr post

Would it be quicker for a computer (or someone) to sort something IN ORDER 🔢 first, and then look for it, instead of immediately looking for it? Hmm, nope! Let’s say there is a list of the names of one million people. Now sort that alphabetically, which means every letter of their name needs to be accounted for. Yes, it may be more efficient, but the entire process may take longer.

Meme #4


Source: me.me 

Bandwidth is how fast data can travel 🧳 from point A to point B. Therefore, a low bandwidth internet connection means it takes data longer to load. So, if you have a high quality or a large file that needs to be “loaded onto the screen”, it would take longer. Therefore, tiny and low-quality memes would allow slow internet ⌨️ users to access them faster!

Meme #5


Source: Reddit

IPv6 is the “updated and improved”, enlarged 📶 IP address system and it allows for more future IPs to be utilized, compared to IPv4, which is running out of the number of available IPs. (IPv4 is still the most widely used!)

Meme #6

This relates to cybersecurity and viruses 🦠. The Internet is not the “safest” place...there are instances where a pop-up or a mysterious email could show up in your inbox, “rewarding you a _____” for clicking on the link. Although it may seem obvious, clicking on these links, especially from your emails, can lead to accounts being hacked, 👩‍💻 personal information leaked, etc.

Meme #7


Source: livememe

Another pun! UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol, which is one of the two general data connections (the other being TCP...see the next meme 😃). In UDP, the system doesn’t necessarily know if the data packet has been transferred successfully, and thus requires a “reply back” 🔜

Meme #8


Source: Reddit

PUNS 🤣 !! TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol, which is the other main data connection. In TCP, the system exchanges a series of messages with the client's request. This is all happening when the data packets that make up the entire “file” 📂 are transmitted to be received by the client. During that series of messages, the protocol ensures that the “client” is ready to accept the data packets (in this case, the TCP joke) and that all packets 📋 have been transferred successfully…unless there is a loss of connection.

Making Your Own Memes 😂

If you laughed so hard at any of the memes above (or if you didn’t laugh and want to make better memes 😬), then this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to make your own memes!! Many websites, such as ImgFlip, can be used to add text to existing meme templates. The IPv6 meme above was made from the “Distracted Boyfriend” template. There are fields for you to type over each of the characters to add your super funny content and make someone else laugh.
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