What Are the Best Quizlet Decks for AP German?

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Hallo 🇩🇪 Welcome back to another AP German study session, a scour for additional resources, or procrastination for the studying you want to be doing. Regardless of the occasion, we’re glad you are here! Below, We have compiled a list of super-duper helpful AP German Quizlets that help you in your studying. We'll link the Quizlets and point out some key terms included in each one!

Why You Should Use Quizlet

After all the grammatical concepts of a foreign language are mastered, you'll often feel more comfortable communicating in every day contexts. That being said, the College Board wants students to learn about different cultures as well, meaning the AP German exam will have students discuss more niche topics they should have studied. This can be difficult with a lack of correspondingly niche vocabulary.
The best way to study vocabulary is through memorization and repetition, and what better way to enforce those methods than through flashcards? Quizlet.com is a popular site that allows students to use virtual flashcards to study. Here are some pre-made Quizlet decks that you can use to study and reference throughout the year in order to be successful on the exam in May.

Image courtesy of mondly.com Some important German words you will want to be familiar with!

The Best AP German Quizlets

1. AP German Wortschatz

If you are in need of general German vocabulary review, this is a great place to start! With over 100 words, this set will help you remember some helpful words and may introduce some new ones as well! With a broader vocabulary, you can discuss more complex ideas on your exam, landing you even closer to that 5! 😉

Helpful Terms:

  1. wirken: to have an effect
  2. umstritten: controversial
  3. die Gebräuche: customs
  4. erhalten: to receive
  5. die Artenvielfalt: the biodiversity

2. Key Terms for the Major Themes

The AP German Language and Culture course is organized into major themes and ideas. The organization aids teachers in creating a game plan for their students, and so that students can organize the information for their own understanding. Here are some more niche vocabulary words that will aid in your discussions of these major themes.

Helpful Terms:

  1. globale Herausforderungen: global challenges
  2. die Entdeckung: the discovery
  3. die Unterschiede: the difference
  4. Die Karriere (-n): the career
  5. die Were: the values

3. AP German Berufe

A lot of the content in this course/exam has to do with German culture. Even the first unit lays out family expectations and what everyday life might look like over in Germany. Having vocabulary specialized to jobs may help you discuss these ideas in more detail!

Helpful Terms:

  1. der Berufe: the occupation, profession, job
  2. die Ausbildung: the training, education
  3. das Vorstellungsgespräch: the job interview
  4. verdienen: to earn
  5. die Zukunft: the future

Architecture - unit 3

This quizlet set features 55 vocabulary words having just to do with the concept of architecture. This is fair game on the exam, and great review in general!

Helpful Terms:

  1. Bauen: to build
  2. die Säule: the column
  3. des Gebäude: the building
  4. die Grundlage: the foundation
  5. das Dach: the roof

5. Comparison words for Cultural Comparison (Unterschiede & Aehnlichkeiten)

Throughout all the content learned in the course, one of the overarching goals is to be able to compare German culture to that of the United States’. Because this will likely be throughout the Free-Response Questions within the exam, you are going to need to know all the best vocabulary in order to really wow the AP graders! Luckily for you, this Quizlet set is going to help you do just that!

Helpful Terms:

  1. Nichts gemeinsam haben: to have nothing in common with
  2. Ich bin derselben Meinung: I am of the same opinion
  3. In einem ähnlichen Fall: in a similar case
  4. Vieles gemeinsam haben: to have a lot in common
  5. Sowohl….als auch: both….and


The best way to learn and reinforce an expanded vocabulary is simply just to practice! Having a more broad vocabulary will you help you to be able to express a wider variety of concepts and ideas in more depth. Memorization through repetition is one of the best ways to establish a larger vocabulary, and sites like Quizlet, or even old-fashioned flashcards, are both great methods for achieving that!
Keep in mind, this is just a small handful of AP German Quizlets available to you. What we listed above is just the starter pack! If you like using Quizlet, considering making your own sets using the vocabulary words that always seem to confuse you so that you have it mastered down in no time! Remember that it is always better to study steadily over time instead of cram it all at once. Frohes Lernen!
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