unit 4 overview: Wie beeinflussen Wissenschaft und Technologie unser Leben

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Unit 4: Wie beeinflussen Wissenschaft und Technologie unser Leben / How Science and Technology Affect Our Lives

Today, numerous companies are creating and developing powerful technology to help people in every way imaginable, from their homes to their offices and everywhere in between. Cell phones 📱 and the Internet 💻 make instant communication across the globe a reality. In fact, new technology has been constantly affecting humans since the beginning of time. Today, however, new information technology is pretty complex compared to the first wheel.

Wesentliche Fragen für Wie beeinflussen Wissenschaft und Technologie unser Leben

  • Welche Rolle spielen Erfindungen und Entdeckungen in Wissenschaft und Technologie? / What factors drive innovation and discovery in the fields of science and technology?
  • Was sind die gesellschaftlichen Konsequenzen von wissenschaftlichem und technologischem Fortschritt? / What are the social consequences of scientific or technological advancements?
  • Welche Rolle spielt Ethik in wissenschaftlichem Fortschritt? / What role do ethics play in scientific advancement?


  • Wissenschaft und Technologie / Science and Technology
  • Globalisierung / Global Challenges
  • Alltag / Contemporary Life
  • Persönliche und Öffentliche Identität / Personal and Public Identities


  • Explore how developments in science can both create and resolve challenges in contemporary society.
  • Investigate how technology creates new ways for us to connect with others and how it impacts and shapes our personal and public identities.
  • Consider ways access to technology affects society and the quality of life.
  • Examine how science and technology affect the values and ethics of a community.

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