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Download AP English Language Cheat Sheet PDF Cram Chart

1 min readβ€’november 23, 2021

AP English Language ✍🏽

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Get Ready for the AP English Language Exam

We know that studying for AP exams can get overwhelming sometimes. That's why our awesome teachers and students have put together these cram charts to help you along on your studying journey! Be sure to also check out our teacher-led cram series!
Make sure you check with your teacher or AP coordinator which administration of the exam you will be taking! The first administration will be a paper exam at your school on May 12th. The second and third will be digital either at school or at home, on May 26th and June 7th.

Multiple Choice Section

  • 45 questions in 1 hour
  • 45% of your score

Free Response Section

  • 2 hours and 15 minutes total
    • 1 synthesis essay
    • 1 rhetorical analysis essay
    • 1 argument essay
  • 55% of your score
Note that the exam format is the same whether you take it on paper or digitally.

AP English Lang Cheat Sheet PDF & Review Chart

This free, downloadable cram chart covers everything you need to know for the exam, including helpful strategies and tips! Happy studying!
AP Lang PDF- Review Chart

Rhetorical Devices List

Make sure you can identify and analyze this list of 40 rhetorical devices for AP Lang. It contains the types of rhetorical devices as well as examples and definitions for each term.
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🧠Exam Skills
πŸ“‘Exam Review - Synthesis Essay
πŸ“Exam Review - Rhetorical Analysis Essay
πŸ’¬Exam Review - Argument Essay
🧐 Multiple Choice Questions
πŸ“†Big Reviews: Finals & Exam Prep
πŸ”šUnit 4 – How writers develop arguments, intros, & conclusions
πŸŽ€Unit 5 – How a writer brings all parts of an argument together
πŸ‘₯Unit 6 – Position, Perspective, & Bias
πŸ₯ŠUnit 7 – Successful & Unsuccessful Arguments
😎Unit 8 – Stylistic Choices
😈Unit 9 – Developing a Complex Argument

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Β© 2023 Fiveable Inc. All rights reserved.