5.3 Using modifiers to qualify an argument and convey perspective

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Using modifiers to qualify an argument and convey perspective

Qualifiers and intensifiers are words or phrases that are added to another word to modify its meaning.
Wow… okay so how do we use this technique? This is best used when your claim or evidence is open to doubt. Using a modifier helps you be confident with your uncertainty. This means you know that you need to be careful and critical, but you’re also confident about the data you are reasoning with. Adjectives modify nouns, so adjectives are modifiers. Adjectives can be enhanced or diminished by other words, which are qualifiers.

Qualifier words:

  • Appears
  • Provides
  • Suggests
  • Indicates
Remember to state the difference between universal and absolute claims. Your claim has limits, recognize this in your writing! Don’t lay the qualifiers on thick. The key here is to prove that you know your claim has limits, not to discredit your claim by sounding unclear and wordy. 
Don’t humble yourself too much, just enough to not be overly confident when your claims can not always be ensured. Coming across as unsure does not make a nice essay and that is not what you want.


I’ll leave you with this important example on using these correctly.
Modifier- The dog is cute. 
Qualifier- The dog is pretty cute.
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