6.3 Adjusting an Argument to New Evidence

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Adjusting An Argument

A good tip for adjusting an argument is to first set it up point by point. After you’ve collected your evidence, validate those facts, and then set your position you should be ready to write!

But what happens when you come across new evidence?

You have to adjust your argument to include this new evidence. Usually new evidence comes up to challenge our position, which is why we didn’t stumble upon it in the building of our position. The best thing to do in this case is keep your position, present the new evidence, and then explain why, despite this new evidence, you still support your original position. 
Present the new evidence, explain it, and then refute it. This actually strengthens your position! 

Great Tips for Editing your Argument Paper

Make sure your arguments and claims are clear. Don’t let them run on for too long or become too wordy. You want to sound confident!
See if there are assumptions in your argument. If there are, make sure they are logical and you explain the logical conclusion that led you to this assumption. Never leave an assumption without an explanation with how you made it!
View your essay from the eyes of your intended audience. How would they receive your argument? What ideas would it bring to their mind? 
View your essay from the opposing position? What claims could they make to bring down your argument. Include these in your paper and address why they don’t change your position. This is the complexity point on the exam
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