What Are the Best Quizlet Decks for AP Music Theory?

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Hey, what’s up? Are you in need of some review for AP Music Theory? Well, look no further, you have come to the right place! The content within AP Music Theory can be pretty tricky to master, especially with so many vocabulary terms to keep track of! That’s why we have compiled a list of some super helpful Quizlet decks to aid you in learning, studying, and review!

Why You Should Use Quizlet

The best way to study vocabulary is through memorization and repetition, and what better way to enforce those methods than through flashcards? Quizlet.com is a popular site that allows students to use virtual flashcards to study. Here are some pre-made Quizlet decks that you can use to study and reference throughout the year in order to be successful on the exam in May.

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Best Quizlet Decks!

1. Key Signature Review

Music Theory Flashcards | Quizlet If you have trouble remembering the order of sharps, order of flats, or just key signatures in general, this is a perfect Quizlet deck for you to use! While this may seem like a really basic concept, it is super important to have a strong foundation in key signatures and scales. If this is a concept that is difficult for you, the rest of the class is going to seem impossible. So what better way than to practice and review, right?

Important Terms:

  • order of sharps: FCGDAEB
  • order of flats: BEADGCF
  • last sharp F#, key of: G (major)
  • last sharp A#, key of: B (major)
  • last flat Db, key of: Ab major

2. Intervals and Scale Degrees

Music Theory :) Flashcards | Quizlet This deck features similar vocabulary to the one above; it features some more general review of key signatures as well. This deck actually expands on this concept with some content from other units. Similarly to the first deck, having a good understanding of these concepts, especially the vocabulary within this set, will set you up for success as you continue with the course.

Important Terms:

  • harmonic interval: notes sounding simultaneously
  • melodic interval: notes sounding one right after the other
  • transposition: writing music at a different pitch level
  • tonic: the first note in the scale
  • dominant: the fifth note in the scale

3. Chapter 3 Vocabulary

AP Music Theory Chapter 3 Flashcards | Quizlet This deck reviews some concepts covered in the one listed above, such as scale degrees, but then delves into the world of scales and modes! It is super important to develop familiarity with this kind of vocabulary as well. Although it is a relatively smaller deck at just 36 terms, this is still a great review resource!

Important Terms

  • accidental: a note that is not a member of the scale or mode initially
  • circle of fifths: the relationship of tonal centers (keys showing each note is a fifth apart)
  • parallel key (parallel major or parallel minor): different key signatures but the same tonic
  • melodic minor: 6th and 7th are raised on the way up but not down
  • tonality: musical system that arranges pitches or chords to show relations

4. AP Music Theory Vocabulary List - Main Overview

There are almost 300 terms included in this deck, making it a great option for reviewing for a final or the AP exam. The vocabulary on this deck should cover concepts from each unit, so you could even use this to get a head start on some future material!

Important Terms

  • perfect authentic cadence: V to I; in root position, melody ends on tonic
  • fully diminished seventh chord: diminished triad with minor third on top
  • appoggiatura: approached by leap, resolved by step
  • oblique motion: the relative motion of two melodic parts in which one remains in place or moves relatively little while the other moves more actively.
  • syncopation: the accenting of musical beats not normally accented; notes that aren’t played on beat.

5. AP Music Theory (Super) Review

As this title suggests, this deck is a BIG one. And by “big” I mean there are over 450 terms to review within this deck! Music theory relies on a lot of niche vocabulary in order to explain its various concepts and ideas, so it is super important to understand the vocabulary at each level and unit.

Important Terms

  • compound meter: any meter in which the beat divides into threes and subdivides into sixes. The top number of the meter signature will be 6, 9, or 12 (eg. 9/4 or 6/8)
  • diatonic: (1) the collection of seven pitch classes that, in some rotation, conforms to the pattern of the whole and half steps of the major scale (a subset of the chromatic collection), (2) made up of pitches belonging to a given diatonic collection
  • passing tone: a melodic embellishment that fills in the space between chord members by stepwise motion. It is approached ivy step and left by step in the same direction.
  • pedal point: a note held for several measures while harmonies change above it. Chords above a pedal point do not participate in the harmonic frame work.
  • modulation: a change of key, usually confirmed by a perfect authentic cadence.


And there you have it: some amazing Quizlet decks for you to utilize in your studying and review for AP Music Theory. A lot of the multiple-choice section will use these vocabulary words as a way to assess your understanding of music theory, so while it may seem tedious, it is actually very important! Happy studying!
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