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Yo, what's poppin? You're probably learning about AP Research, researching as you read this, or trying to wrap up your paper right now, or you need a place to just chill, this is the right place to be! AP Research is one of the newest courses from the College Board, and thus, these memes are also very recent. Check out some of the TikToks, pictures, and tweets that are compiled here.
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1. Put a finger down....AP Research style

I remember watching this TikTok in February and putting all my fingers down—many AP Research teachers seem to have the same curriculum! One of our first assignments was to find "50 sources" that covered content tied to our topic, which would then be used in part to develop the literature review.
Also, trying to explain the gap in your research, watching Ted Talks (and maybe 💤 during them), and not reading through all your sources are probably things you'll experience (or have already experienced) in the class. Honestly, my favorite part of the class was that we could all relate to each other.

2. Do you really know how to research?


One of the key rubric rows for your research paper is your method! Image Courtesy of MemeGenerator

If you asked me point blank right now to name the sections of a research paper in order and to describe each one, I would probably struggle a little bit. This meme mocks the students who don't really take the class seriously or have no memory of the content after taking it (which honestly, as a second-semester senior, I relate to).
The methodology is super important, as it has to be "replicable" according to the course & exam description. You need to effectively explain in detail each step of your research process while also finding a broad enough category to describe the entire process (correlation research, content analysis, Delphi, etc.).

3. Which student are you?

This TikTok scarily depicts so many people in AP Research because I have honestly gotten so much done for other classes while some people have taken naps. In addition, watching TikToks in such a laid back independent class is self-care to many. So many AP Research students, including me, can relate to being a little off-task.

4. What not to do

There are very clear lines drawn in terms of the topics that you can and can't research. One such topic that is probably off-limits is anything that is broad. If you try titling your topic "The Corona Virus," you likely won't get approved by your local Institutional Review Board. Also, make sure that you're finding something new that isn't already existent in the current body of knowledge.

5. Database hunting

Whenever you're hunting for sources in your literature review, going through database after database (JSTOR, EBSCO, Gale, etc.) gets pretty exhausting. This is so accurate since so many of us have had to struggle to find research in our field.
Try different sites like Google Scholars if you are ever struggling with finding information in your field. As mentioned before, make sure that you're constantly checking existing research to help out with the recency of your literature review.

6. Is there a point to PREP?

My teacher made us create a PREP binder where essentially we'd keep track of what we were doing each week.
I'm gonna be honest...almost everyone in my class thought it was pretty useless until February came around. We realized that each of our weekly logs included a question that came from the POD "list of questions." So yeah, PREPs "kinda helped" at the end of the day.

7. Should I press submit?

The most nerve-wracking part of both Capstone course was pressing submit.
But you've done it! You've written 4,000-5,000 words, you've made an effective research presentation, and you've spent all school year doing the work that (quite literally) no one else has done. Pressing submit is bittersweet, but it will give you a great sigh of relief.


AP Research was by far my favorite class in high school. In the end, your hard work is going to be 10000% worth it! You got this!
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