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Download AP Seminar Cheat Sheet PDF Cram Chart

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AP SeminarΒ πŸ’¬

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Get Ready for the AP Seminar Exam

As the AP Seminar exam approaches, make sure you are getting your cram on! And check out the brief description of the structure below!

Team Project & Presentation

  • Individual Research Essay
    • Scored by Collegeboard
  • Team multimedia presentation and defense
    • Scored by teacher
  • Worth 20% of your score

Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation

  • Individual Written Argument
    • Scored by Collegeboard
  • Individual multimedia presentation
    • Scored by teacher
  • Oral Defense
    • Scored by teacher
  • Worth 35% of your score

End-of-Course Exam

  • 4 Questions in 2 hours
    • 3 Short Answer Questions
    • 1 Essay Question
  • Worth 45% of your score

AP Seminar Cheat Sheet PDF & Review Chart

Use this study guide to help you prepare for the AP Seminar assessment as it covers important information and concepts that you should understand.
AP Seminar PDF - Review Chart
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🀨Big Idea 1: Question and Explore
🧐Big Idea 2: Understand and Analyze
πŸ‘₯Big Idea 3: Evaluate Multiple Perspectives
πŸ’‘Big Idea 4: Synthesize Ideas
πŸ—£Big Idea 5: Team, Transform, and Transmit
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