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What Memes Are Perfect for AP Seminar?

4 min readβ€’september 29, 2021

Brandon Wu

Brandon Wu

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Meme #1: Why Do This to Yourself?πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


Courtesy of @kattedesu

Many students take Seminar for one reason, which is to have the ability to take Research the year afterward. Yet, Seminar is not an easy pre-requisite course according to most.
Through the writing of the IRR and IWA supplemented with presentations of the TMP and IMP, you'll endure a lot of hard work and just remember that the grind never stops! πŸ’ͺ AP Seminar will make you endure the research process while meeting deadlines, and Research demands the same!

Meme #2: School Is Very Hard 🏫

You'll see a familiar theme with multiple Seminar memes: procrastination. We all do it...and it's incredibly easy to do in this class. With essays not technically due until April and presentations staggered later in the school year, so many Seminar students will wait until the night before to do the bulk of their work.
Let this be your warning (unless you're reading this near the deadline) and the #1 piece of advice: manage your time effectively. Use apps like Todoist or Google Calendar to chunk your time, so you don't have to be doing work at 2 am! πŸ•‘

Meme #3: Evolution of AP Seminar 🧠


Seminar will give you big brain energy. Credit to u/brerkmgher

While I'm not exactly saying that you'll want to overthrow capitalism at the end of Seminar πŸ˜‰, Seminar will definitely teach you how to think critically and write holistically.
Through the essays and multimedia presentations, you'll learn about the power of limitations, counterarguments, and rebuttals. Line of reasoning is incredibly important in Seminar, but it's also crucial in courses like Lang or Lit and in the workplace!
Knowing how to build an argument (such as why we're all going to die) is crucial for your future success, whether you decide to pursue higher education or go into the workforce.

Meme #4: These appeals seem familiar πŸ€”

AP Seminar is incredibly similar to AP Lang, given its focus on line of reasoning and argument creation. For me, my Seminar teacher taught us the Toulmin model in November which I re-learned in February!
The two courses have a lot of overlap, which is why you might even have a Lang teacher as your Seminar teacher or vice versa. You'll find that the skills you learn in one course will definitely help you out in the other in the long run.

Meme #5: A True Nightmare Scenario ☠️


Courtesy of @_oliviamucha_

This is by far one of the biggest reasons why you don't want to wait until the deadline to submit your essays. Once you hit the Submit button on the Digital Portfolio, it's gone for good, and you can't edit it!
Most Seminar teachers, though, will check in to make sure you turned in the IRR early on near January/February and your IWA later near March/April. Therefore, this shouldn't be too big of an issue as long as you follow your teacher's deadlines. If your Seminar teacher hasn't given you deadlines to submit the two essays, I highly recommend you set your own.

Meme #6: Philosophical Stimulus Material πŸ’­

One of the unique aspects of Seminar is that you'll submit an essay, the IWA, that incorporates outside media and literature provided by the College Board. The IWA requires you to have some thematic elements, and you may find it to be a bit difficult to link stimulus material to your thesis.
Despite this difficulty, you'll have peers to have conversations about the stimulus. So don't worry β€” everything will turn out alright in the end. πŸ˜…

Meme #7: Not Doing Work in Class 🀫

Seminar is incredibly independent, so often times you will not get extrinsic motivation that you might expect from other AP courses. Consequently, you'll often find yourself feeling like you won't want to do work.
You can combat this lack of motivation by staying organized and keeping your mind focused on the goal at hand: popping off 🍿 in your presentations and EOC exam in addition to writing two bomb πŸ’£ essays! It'll be all worth it at the end whenever you get that AP Capstone certificate! πŸ˜€


Hopefully, these TikToks, memes, and Tweets were enough to get you motivated to finish writing the next sentence or practicing another line. At the end of the day, you're going to do fantastic on this exam and score the coveted 5️⃣! You'll be glad you didn't sleep on Capstone - no cap! 🧒
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