What Are the Best Quizlet Decks for AP Spanish Language?

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Hello, and welcome! 👋 If you're like most people, your head is spinning with all of the vocab that you have to remember, and you're looking for a helpful way to remember all of it. If you've found your way here, it's probably because you have discovered that Quizlet is a great way to keep vocab organized and learn it, but you're not sure which decks to use. Well, worry no longer: this guide contains the best Quizlet vocab decks for each unit in AP Spanish Language and Culture, as well as some general term reviews.

Unit 1: Families in Different Societies 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Created by mk166230
Unit 1 focuses on the way families look in different societies, including families, identities, contemporary life, and global challenges.

Key Terms:

  • convivencia: co-existence
  • reglas de conducto: code of conduct
  • ligado: connected

Unit 2: Influence of Culture and Language on Identity 💬

Created by jvanderbeek
Unit 2 places special emphasis on personal and public identities, while also looking at how beauty and aesthetics, contemporary life, and science and technology shape culture and language.

Key Terms:

  • asimilación: assimilation
  • autoimagen: self image
  • rasgos: traits

Unit 3: Influences of Beauty and Art 🖼️

Created by mtmurphy17
Unit 3 focuses on beauty and aesthetics, and how other factors such as contemporary life, identities, and families all affect culture and art in the modern world.

Key Terms:

  • naturaleza: nature
  • estilo moderno: modern style
  • obra maestra: masterpiece

Unit 4: How Science and Technology Affect our Lives 🧪

Created by johnshal00
Unit 4 emphasizes how science and technology affect our daily lives, in conjunction with how global challenges, contemporary life, and identities all play into the larger theme of science and technology affecting our lives.

Key Terms:

  • navegar en la red: surf the web
  • la red social: social media
  • fabricar: to manufacture

Unit 5: Factors that Impact the Quality of Life 🏃

Created by JMD8604
Unit 5 focuses on factors that impact the quality of life, focusing especially around some of the aforementioned themes of global challenges, contemporary life, science and technology, and beauty and aesthetics.

Key Terms:

  • alfabetización: literacy
  • presupuesto: budget
  • recursos: resources

Unit 6: Environmental, Political and Societal Changes ♻️

Created by MrAlgarin
The final unit of AP Spanish Language and culture focuses mostly on the theme of Global Challenges. It also includes material from some of other themes such as contemporary life, science and technology, and families and communities, and how they are affecting the modern world and effecting changes.

Key Terms:

  • desempleo: unemployment
  • desarollo sustanible: sustainable development
  • hambruna: famine

FRQ Vocab 📝

Created by jvanderbeek
This Quizlet provides some helpful vocabulary to use that will make you sound much more fluent and sophisticated 🧐 when you write your FRQs.

Key Terms:

  • dicho esto: that being said
  • sin embargo: however
  • se puede notar que: one can note that

Conversational Phrases 👄

Created by jvanderbeek
This Quizlet provides some helpful phrases that you can use in the spoken FRQs, especially the conversation.

Key Terms:

  • Que yo sepa: as far as I know
  • en otras palabras: in other words
  • por supuesto: of course
Studying for AP Spanish can be a difficult task, but if you’ve got the best Quizlet decks available to you in a few clicks, why not take advantage of that? Remember, don’t stress out! Just focus on your end goal, and put the time in — whether its that amazing grade or a feeling of accomplishment. You’ve got this!
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