3.0 Unit 3 Overview: Influences of Beauty and Art

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Isabela Padilha Vilela

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In this unit we will explore the role of art and beauty in a culture. In the previous unit, we analyzed how beauty, aesthetics and language affects one's identity. In this unit we will see how art challenges and reflects cultural perspectives.

Essential Questions/Preguntas Esenciales:

Here are the essential questions that you should keep in mind as you study this unit:
  • How do ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life?/¿Cómo influyen los ideales/modelos de belleza en la vida diaria?
  • How does art both challenge and reflect cultural perspecties?/¿Cómo el arte desafía y a la vez refleja las perspectivas culturales?
  • How do communities value beauty and art?/¿Cómo valoran las comunidades la belleza y el arte?
  • How is art used to record history?/¿Cómo se usa el arte para documentar la historia?
It is important to remember that there are several artistics movements that are simultaneously developing across the world, and within spanish'speaking communities. Art is a form of expression, as well as a way for people to react to historical events, or even implement change and trasnform the course of history. Art is a multi-purpose device that does not have a linear purpose.

Themes of the Unit

In this unit, there will some overlap in topics with Unit 2 - The Influence of Language and Culture on Identity. This unit, however, focuses more on the community impact of art and beauty.
1. Beauty and Aesthetics/ La Belleza y la estética 🎨
This topic will explore the different types of art, such as visual art, architecture, and performing arts and their role to the spanish-speaking community.
2. Personal and Public Identities/ Las identidades personales y públicas 🎭
This topic will explore the role of ethnicities and different indentities to individuals in spanish-speaking communities. We will also explore the overlaps and differences between public and personal identities.
3. Contemporary Life/ La vida contemporánea 🧑‍💻
This topic investigates the modes of entertainment in contemporary society and analyzes how this is shaping tradition.
4. Families and Communities/ Las familias y las comunidades 🏠
Topics 3.4 will delve into the customs and traditions of families across the world, as well as the concept of global citizenship.

Important Vocab 🔎

Dance Danza
Scenic Escénica
Challenge Desafío
Ethnicity Etnia
Artwork Obra de Arte
Sculpture Escultura
Polemic Polémica

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