Environmental, Political, and Societal Changes

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🌎 Unit 6: Environmental, Political, and Societal Changes

Unit 6 addresses the impact of large scale issues and phenomena that affect people’s lives in areas of the Spanish-speaking world. Think of this unit as global challenges that people face around the world. Some major questions we will consider are: 
  • How do environmental, political, and societal challenges positively and negatively impact communities? / ¿Cómo los desafíos medioambientales, políticos y sociales impactan, positiva—o negativamente—nuestras comunidades?  
  • What role do individuals play in addressing complex societal issues? / ¿Qué papel juegan los individuos a la hora de abordar asuntos sociales complicados? 
  • How do challenging issues affect a society's culture? / ¿Cómo los asuntos desafiantes afectan la cultura de una sociedad?
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