What Memes Are Perfect for AP Spanish Literature?

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Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan

Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan

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Perfect Memes for AP Spanish Literature 😂

Whether you've taken AP Spanish Lit before, are in the class right now, or are just browsing on the internet during AP season, you might find some AP Spanish Lit memes! Of course, since this class isn't as popular as some of the others, you might not be able to find a ton. We've compiled a few of the best that are not only funny but are also relevant to the course content/structure! 🎉

#1 — The Required Texts


Lots of reading in AP Spanish Lit! Created by Fiveable on ImgFlip

We can't talk about AP Spanish Lit without mentioning all the reading you'll have to do for the course! AP Spanish Literature is definitely a reading-heavy 📚 course, and each reading will be a piece of authentic Spanish literature.
While you read each piece of literature, it is important that you annotate and reflect on the text. Use the themes that tie all of these texts together to guide you! Here they are:
  • 🌐 Las sociedades en contacto (Societies in Contact)
  • 👦 La construcción del género (The Construction of Gender)
  • ⌚ El tiempo y el espacio (Time and Space)
  • 📚 La creación literaria (Literary Creation)
  • 💕 Las relaciones interpersonales (Interpersonal Relations)
  • 🤔 La dualidad de ser (The Duality of Being)
Additionally, here are some of the 38 required texts that you will have to read! You might have heard of some of them before:
  • 📚 Don Quijote por Miguel de Cervantes (Primera parte, capítulos 1–5, 8 y 9; Segunda parte, capítulo 74)
  • 📚 Conde Lucanor por Don Juan Manuel, Exemplo XXXV (“De lo que aconteció a un mozo que casó con una mujer muy fuerte y muy brava”)
  • 📚 Visión de los vencidos por Miguel León-Portilla (dos secciones: “Los presagios, según los informantes de Sahagún” y “Se ha perdido el pueblo mexica”)

#2—Modern vs. Older Literature 📑


Old language might throw some people off. But not you! Image from MemeCrunch, author unknown

Ha! When we at Fiveable took Spanish, it was definitely hard to understand all the "old" terms that aren't used as frequently anymore. But you can do it 💬
As you're reading, you're bound to come across words that you don't know. Just like every other language, the Spanish language has gone through changes, and if this is your first higher-level Spanish course, this might be hard to get used to 🤔
You may also find that some words and phrases are used in certain countries and regions, but not in others. It is important that you pay attention to this, as this can help you make connections beyond time periods as you study the 38 required works 📚
Try to see if you can apply these skills as you work through the AP Spanish Literature course!
  • 💬 Analysis
  • 💃 Cultural Context and Connections
  • 📚 Comparing Literary Texts
  • 🖼 Comparing Texts and Art
  • 💬 Argumentation
  • 🔤 Language and Conventions
  • 📔 Literary Discussions and Presentations

#3—The Online Translator 😬


Don't use Google Translate too much! 😉 Image from SpanishPlans.org

Have you really taken a world language class if your teacher hasn't given you the "no Google Translate!" talk at the beginning of every school year 💭
AP Spanish Literature has a ton of writing. It's a lot! But don't use Google Translate consistently! It's nice to be able to look up words or phrases you do not know, but consistently relying on it will not work out in the end ✍
Because your AP exam contains so much writing, especially in the style of an academic essay, it is very important that you develop your writing skills. Ask your teacher for help if you find yourself struggling — don't succumb to online translators; you will become a far better writer in the end 👨‍🏫

#4 — You're Going to do Amazing! 😉


You're going to do amazing on the exam! Image from AwwMemes

Let's end with this Ryan Reynolds meme 🙂
You've probably put in a lot of work into AP Spanish Literature and we know you'll be ready for the exam. Make sure to practice your writing, listening, and reading skills throughout the year, and you'll be good to go ✍
As you approach the exams, don't cram! Use your notes from the required readings to guide you, and focus on content you don't recall as well 🤓
And most importantly: relax. Take a deep breath. Try not to stress yourself out. After all, a number or score does NOT define you. Just try your best 😊

In Closing...

Good luck on the AP Spanish Literature exam! Remember that we have tons of resources to support you both in this course and in all other AP classes. Check out our website at fiveable.me! 🙌
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