How Do I Find Community Service Positions in my Area?

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How Do I Find Service Opportunities in My Area? 👀

Volunteer opportunities are a great way to connect with your community and make a lasting impression on yourself and others—but it might be hard to find, or you might not know where to look. In this article, we will look through ways that you can find service opportunities! 🔎

🕺 What is Service? 

Service, or more specifically volunteer service, is a way of doing work or deeds for some person or place without being paid! It can be something more minor like raking leaves for your neighbor, or even something more significant, like hosting a massive fundraiser for a local business. 💪
If you’re helpin’ out, you are serving. Service helps communities, big or small, in-person or online, thrive. Showing interest in serving others is a significant first step! The big question, though, is: how do people find volunteer opportunities? 🍎

🌎 Understanding Your Area

Service opportunities aren’t spread out evenly, at least not in person (more on that later). Understanding your environment and the options available in each will allow you to make the best use of them!
💡 The following factors oftentimes play a big part in service:
  • Number of schools (especially elementary schools) 📚
  • Number of local businesses 🏪
  • How strong the community bond is (does your community rally behind a common cause or theme? For example Halloween Capital of the World) 🎀
  • Local service clubs, like Kiwanis International or Lions Club International 🦁
Try listing how your community or following communities fit into these categories! Whichever resonates more can lead you to more service opportunities.  🔑

Schools 🏫

Schools are service hubs in many communities. With many students looking for ways to spice up a resume, it is a prime space to get volunteers! Look for clubs like Key Club, Leo Club, or any service club. These clubs have the most updates on opportunities—sit in on a few meetings! 🗣
Having elementary schools in the area also helps immensely, as those schools will typically host many holiday-themed events and festivals. 🎄

Businesses 👨‍💼

Local businesses are frequently the heart of a community. Think of the businesses in Times Square—they keep the place lively. Your local community might not have the same prestige, but it hosts the same idea: Local businesses are the heart. If you look at a local business’s window, it will probably have flyers for local events, and the businesses themselves will often host events as well! 📝

Community Bond 🤝

Events are more likely to happen when the community has some solid ground. For example, “The Halloween Capital of the World” is more likely to have many Halloween events during October than in another town. Having a sense of solidarity allows for festivals, businesses, and residents to thrive. If your local community has something that they’re known for, big or small, look for opportunities related to those themes. 🎃

Local Service Clubs 🕑

If you have a school service club, especially if it’s named “Key Club” or “Leo Club,” there is most likely a local club that sponsors it. Kiwanis International and Lions Club International are two examples of service-oriented clubs. Having a local club usually means that community events are more likely to happen, and you could sit in those meetings too! 🪑

💻 Using the Internet 

In the world of the grand internet, access to community service has gotten a lot more equitable and a lot more accessible. This means that even if you are the only one in your town, you can still get access to volunteer opportunities! 🌟
  • Phone banking for Humane Society
  • Help with crisis lines for The Trevor Project 
  • Scan in books with Bookshare
  • Tutor through TeensGive
  • Archive Historical Documents with Citizens Scholars or Citizen Archivist
  • Volunteer for a political campaign
  • Send out colored sheets with ColorASmile
  • Volunteer with the Be My Eyes Organization and help people with visual impairments see 
  • Provide feedback on audio from Learning Ally
  • Become a penpal with a buddy from Best Buddies 
  • Use your coding skills with Donate:Code
These are only some of the various opportunities available! If you search up “Virtual Volunteering Opportunities in _____” or “Virtual Volunteering Opportunities for _____, you'll find much more results! 

🔥 Creating Your Own Opportunities! 

If none of the IRL opportunities exist, try forging your path! Connect with activities directors or school resources to get your school service club running. Starting small with activities like surprising teachers with decorated rooms or writing letters to nursing homes is a great start! 🏠

👆 Moving Forward

Looking for local service opportunities is a fantastic first step! If you want to dig deeper, find ongoing opportunities to latch on to and make a commitment to them. Long-term service not only looks great on resumes and applications, but it improves interpersonal and personal skills!
Happy serving! 🤩
🤝Connect with other students looking for service positions with Hours

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