What Should We Really Be Doing During Summer?

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What should we really be doing during summer?

We have gotten through the year, pushing through endless amounts of tests, and homework, and AP’s. We finally deserve some time to kick back and relax, right? Right?!
It’s just so confusing when everyone is doing so many different things. We all have different ideas of summer.

Work. Play. Rest. Explore. How do you know what to do?

Do you have to be productive or can you truly relax for a little bit? Here is a guide on how to relax, but also have some time to recharge.
I am the person that always gets stressed. I always listen to other people’s plans and what they are doing to make sure I am not falling behind and need to keep myself in check. I always have to be productive or I feel absolutely lazy and I start making lists like a crazy person.
Although, summer is a different time. It’s a time of conflict because, on the one hand, you have the sun, but on the other hand, you have time on your side. My parents are pretty chill with everything and don’t add any more pressure than what needs to be because I know that they know.

The problem lies with me and everyone that I listen to.

I see some people freaking out because they think they have to be super busy every minute. Some talk nonchalantly about how they are going to every place on the planet and are doing something crazy there (a bit of an exaggeration but still).
How could it not make me nervous?
My family plans everything last minute. To this day, I still don’t have anything solid for the summer. It’s pretty funny but at least I have options still. My plans don’t completely consist of doing the craziest things but there are definitely ways for me to be at home or somewhere else and be on vacation mode while still being productive throughout the summer.
The first thing to do is to not be thinking about everyone else, and this is very hypocritical of me to suggest, but it doesn’t help anything if you are one of those. Or should I say one of us… But I have found some other alternative ways to stay productive that I am actually very excited about.

  1. The first thing is obviously to do your summer work. We all have hard classes or AP’s and the best thing to do is to actually do the work you have and don’t skip or procrastinate it because it actually helps. On that note, you can also be sprucing up the topics from the previous school year that you may have struggled with. Especially math, because everything piles up and everything leads to the next, so in order to stay on top, you should definitely do some review.
  2. Next, try learning something new. It can be online courses at home about a topic you are interested in. For example, I have already found some really good courses for free on Coursera or MIT Open Courseware. Another thing you could do is learn how to play a musical instrument or at least practice one you know. How will you get better without practice? Or maybe you’ll find out you’re musically inclined. I am teaching myself how to play the bass and I am studying for my music exam next year. It’s a lot of work, but I think I’ll have enough time to manage.
  3. You can also work out and stay fit. For all the athletes out there, how are you going to maintain your athleticism without working out? This is always a great way to invest your time because you can improve yourself and you can get that summer body. Better late than never right? I am personally a hurdler and a jumper for track and field and I am going to put together a training plan for over the summer. If anyone is in the same boat, you can contact me and I’ll release my training plan.
  4. One thing that is highly underestimated is watching documentaries. This is a good way to give in to your Netflix obsession while learning new things and staying in the know. There are so many good documentaries out there and especially on Netflix that you can be watching instead of Friends and The Society. I personally am going to go between docuseries on Netflix, to ITV online watching Love Island. How can I resist? It’s truly addicting, I’m relieved that it releases only during the summer or I might be a little bit too distracted with all the British drama to be doing my homework.

There are many ways to stay active and proactive during the summer. Summers are much more important to students now than in the past, especially to those who are on overdrive during the school year. But I think it's time I took my own advice and try to create a better balance in my own life.
Feel free to share your summer plans in the comments below!

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