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Congratulations! Another year of AP stress studying and cramming has come to an end and now, it's time to look back on the year and reflect; however, you may be wondering: 
"I got my scores already, what else is there to do with them?" 
You'd be surprised to learn about the vast opportunities that come with mastery in an AP-level course. Even on the College Board website, each course is correlated with it's own career paths and skill sets. But what is there to do now? How can I use my scores in a way that will benefit me in the upcoming years of my education? 
Read on and learn what you can do with them. 

Dual Enroll

For many, dual enrollment is an opportunity to begin taking college level classes from as early as your freshman year in high school. While dual enrollment appeals more to upperclassmen, it suits anyone able to keep up with the workload.
Explore the catalog of your local college and see what classes they have to offer. You may qualify to take a class based on your success in an AP-style class. Usually, these classes branch off into other career paths that may strike you as appealing. Don't be afraid to pursue classes like those you have already taken -- there is always more to learn! 

Analyze What Went Wrong

For many, a 1 or 2 is all it takes for future efforts in AP to come to an end. One can feel extreme dissatisfaction after a year of hard work only to find out that (s)he won't receive credit for the course. While this is unfortunate, it shouldn't mean the end of your educational journey. 
For many, their scores are a result of copying and cheating rather than acquiring the material. Spending the year 'getting by' in no way compares to actually learning and absorbing the content. To maximize your learning, consider picking up a review book for your classes before the school year begins. Familiarizing yourself with the material and then revisiting it later allow you to retain it for longer periods of time. 
AP is all about preparation and management. Don't be afraid to get a head start on the year and reap the benefits later on! 

Send Your Scores to Colleges 

For the colleges you plan on attending, you may be eligible for certain opportunities and scholarships based on your success in AP. Although it costs a small fee, many consider this to be useful for maximizing your success on an AP test. You may receive credit for your accomplishments, and even bring that college's attention to you regarding scholarship opportunities. Focus on colleges that you plan on attending, so you will be able to receive credit for your successes early and not need to worry about it later on. (Some colleges only takes 4s and 5s as credit for AP courses -- some take 3s. It all comes down to a college-by-college basis.) 
Consider what works best for you, and see what you can do with those scores. Remember: how you did this year will not define your performance next year. There are always areas to improve on. So for now, celebrate a year of hard work that's finally done and over with, and begin to think about what can make next year even greater! (Featured photo courtesy of WikiHow.)

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