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Familien in verschiedenen Gesellschaften

This unit is all about themes that relate to families in German-speaking communities. The big picture here is obviously family, but this includes lots of other ideas as well.
Family is really important to most Germans and a family home is a place where people can really be themselves. In Germany, parents and other relatives help children reach their goals and their full potential. With this in mind, it is important to note that Germans also encourage their children to be self-reliant. Being self-reliant means that people can fend for themselves and are responsible for the decisions they make. German parents believe this will make sure their kids are prepared when they move out, which is usually right after high school.

Wesentliche Fragen:

  1. Wie versteht man den Begriff “Familie” in deutschsprachigen Regionen? (What constitutes a family in German-speaking societies?)
  2. Was sind einige wichtige Aspekte und Werte des Familienlebens in deutschsprachigen Regionen? (What are some important aspects of family values and family life in German-speaking societies?)
  3. Welchen Herausforderungen müssen sich Familien heutzutage stellen? (What challenges do families face in today’s world?)


  • Familie und Gemeinschaft / Family and Community
  • Persönliche und Öffentliche Identität / Personal and Public Identities
  • Alltag / Contemporary Life
  • Globalisierung / Global Challenges


  • explore how families shape values and traditions, as well as personal beliefs and personal interests
  • examine the challenges faced by families, such as access to education and jobs.
  • consider the evolving concept and role of families in contemporary societies.
Try to compare what you learn about the German community with your own. How is it similar or different? You can learn a lot just by comparing the two. This Unit is really interesting and helps you think about how even something as global as a family can be so different. And have fun!!!
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