Interactions Among Branches of Government Overview

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Branches of Government

In this unit, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how the three branches of federal government work together to implement policy and, at the same time, limit each others' powers. We'll cover how each branch has powers that allow it to function independently and powers to prevent other branches from becoming too powerful.
Key Ideas
  • The Constitution grants specific powers to Congress, the presidency, and the courts, each of which exercises informal powers.
  • Because power is widely distributed, and checks prevent one branch from overreaching or usurping powers from the others, the branches of government are in the position where they must both compete and cooperate in order to govern.
  • The bureaucracy is part of government, specifically the executive branch, that has powers not granted in the Constitution. The bureaucracy plays an important role in implementing policy. 

Important Documents 

  • United States Constitution
  • Federalist 51
  • Federalist 70
  • Federalist 78

Supreme Court Cases

  • Shaw v. Reno (1993)
  • Marbury v. Madison (1803)
  • Baker vs. Carr

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