5.4 Using transitions

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Using Transitions

Transitions for additional information is when two similar ideas are connected
Using transitions helps your essay flow. Of course we can read an essay without transitions, but would it be as enjoyable? No. 
Transitions guide one idea to the next, these connectors or bridges from one concept to the next. This helps your audience go from thought to thought without getting confused or seemingly abruptly changing the topic.
Below are some transition words listed under the category they fit best in. Depending on your goal, the word you take will give your reader a conclusion or assumption on your own thought process on an issue. Some lead readers to an idea while others make a reader question an idea. 
Transition for supporting infdormation is when it connects two ideas when one is an example or clarification of the other
Sequence of Events Transition is when it connects different events based on their relationship to each other in terms of time.

For continuing a common line of reasoning:

in this same light
following the same logic
See…don’t just use “and” it’s boring. 

To change the line of reasoning or contrast:

on the contrary
over and above all this
despite all this

For opening a paragraph initially or for general use:

no doubt
nobody denies
of course
For the final points of a paragraph or essay:
considering these facts/ideas/points
These are just a few quick examples taken from an extensive AP LANG. transition guide. If your in need for more examples check out this pdf of the larger chart: http://echaset.weebly.com/uploads/9/1/5/9/9159298/transition_words.pdf
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