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Unit 10 Overview: Mechanical Waves and Sound

1 min readβ€’june 11, 2020

Peter Apps

Peter Apps

AP Physics 1 🎑

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Unit 10 shifts away from the electrical focus of Units 8 & 9 and transitions back to discussing topics like energy (Unit 4), period (Unit 6) and motion (Unit 1). This time the focus is on describing mechanical waves, such as waves in slinkies, ropes, and water, as well as sound waves. Additionally we will apply our knowledge of waves to explain how musical instruments generate specific tones. This unit covers approximately 12-16% of the AP exam and will typically take 11-14 45 minute class periods to cover.

Applicable Big Ideas

Big Idea #6: Waves Waves can transfer energy and momentum from one location to another without the permanent transfer of mass and serve as a mathematical model for the description of other phenomena

Image courtesy of Giphy.

Key Concepts πŸ”‘

  • Period (T)
  • Amplitude
  • Frequency (f)
  • Velocity (v)
  • Wavelength (πœ†)
  • Interference
  • Node
  • Antinode

Key Equations πŸ—

πŸŽ₯Watch: AP Physics 1 - Unit 10 Streams
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