How to Build Regular Study Habits

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Setting Yourself up For Success with Strong Study Habits 

Study Habits Who? 😳

“I literally can’t do this!” Have you ever thought of this right before you go study or do homework? Lucky for you, you're not alone! Millions of teens everywhere find it challenging to develop regular study habits, but if you're reading this article right now, it means that you want to get better. That being said, let’s get better! 🎉

The Problems Accompanying Studying 😩

I’m sure you can think of millions of things that sound more fun than studying, but studying is super essential to becoming a better student. Unfortunately, not many people know how to learn efficiently, but, again, that’s where this article will help you. When it comes to becoming a better person, the first step to recovery is defining or identifying the problem. 🔐
On top of that, there could be so many problems with studying: distractions, lack of motivation, difficulty and rigor of your workload, lack of support, the list goes on! To understand why you struggle with learning, you have to figure out the obstacles in your way. From there, start trying to eliminate the barrier once you recognize the problem and its origins. 🙅‍♂️

Tips & Tricks: Your Handy Dandy Guide 👌

Promptly, we'll be going over some tips to help eliminate said problems and develop sustainable study habits. However, it's important to remember that these tips aren't universal, meaning that not every piece of advice here will work for you. Try them out, and if they work for you, use them, but if not, don't give up; keep trying, and soon you'll know what works for you! 🌟

Plan ahead! ⏰

One of the most important things to be successful in learning is planning. Knowing what you’re going to study beforehand will help you not waste time figuring it out during your session. It may be beneficial to buy a planner, use your phone to keep track of assignments, and plan a specific time to study. 📔

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Your planner or schedule doesn’t have to look as clean or good as this one, the goal is that you want to make studying part of your daily routine, similar to eating and drinking water. If you plan and stick to that consistently, you will find it easier to learn as time goes on. 🌊

Organize yourself! 👈

As you begin studying, it is crucial to stay organized before piling more work on yourself! If you’re taking notes, do them neatly (if you need help with note-taking, this article may help you). If you’re doing homework, have a specific order to do it in. Another big thing to consider: nobody likes to study in a dirty place, so make sure your area is clean and organized. 🧹

Find a place to study! 📝

Find a comfortable area where you can focus and study. This can be different for everyone. For some people, this can be a park, the library, or their bedroom. Find what works for you and make this place your own. 📚

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Get to work… ASAP! 🚧

For many, the problem isn't working; it's starting, literally. The only antidote to this problem is just beginning your homework or study session. Don't think about it. Just get to work. Trust me, by doing so, the rest of the journey will be smooth sailing. 😎 

Avoid distractions ❌

The internet, TikTok, and texting are examples of activities that can double the time it takes you to study. However, if you avoid these distractions, you will likely find that you'll have less work to do and more free time to devote to leisure later on. If your phone is a distraction, put it on "Do Not Disturb" mode or put it in another room. Having your phone on the table can be a distraction as a slight vibration can stop your studying! 📱
💡 NOTE: Suppose you continuously struggle with focus, not only with studying but also with school or other activities. In that case, it may be beneficial to talk with your parents or primary care provider to see if you can benefit from extra help or specialized attention. 🆘

Use the tools and resources around you! 😌

If you don't understand the material, consider asking others for help and supplementary resources to consult if your primary problem is that you don't understand the material! Fiveable, for example, has many articles about different subjects like physics, social studies, and literature that can help you improve your understanding! 🧠
Take advantage of the resources your school provides as well. Go to tutorials, find a tutor and ask for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it's a sign of maturity, so don't be afraid to reach for help. 💪

Take breaks 🏖️

Repeat after me: Cramming. Does. NOT. WORK! 😠
That's right: don't cram! Many studies have proven this. Instead, study in 20 to 40-minute sessions or increments. During your breaks, though, do something! Doing things like taking a walk, doing a small exercise, or just staying active will help you stay energized to continue working after the break is over. 🚶

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Stay hydrated and fed! 🍉

Eat and drink. The brain needs three things to function well, oxygen, sugar, and blood, and two of those things come from what you eat and drink. Having a snack present will keep you awake and help you stay focused. Be careful not to let snacking take up all your time, though. 😋

Most importantly, SLEEP! 😴

If you're super tired and it's midnight, go to bed. The chances of you remembering what you read while you're tired are extremely low, so go to sleep! A good night's rest will always be better than a rushed and incoherent study session. 🛏️
If you have homework due and it's right at the deadline, try to get as much done, but NEVER PUT ANY SCHOOL WORK ABOVE YOUR WELL BEING! Following this tip will pay dividends in the long run. 🌙
Studying is hard, and developing good study habits is even harder, but hopefully, you can also develop good study habits with the help of this article. Have fun and give these tips and tricks your best shot! 💯
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