How do I study in a group for my AP exam?

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Studying for APUSH in a study group can be great! Discussing answers, collaborating on study guides, and coming up with weird ways to remember things are fun and great ways to learn history. However, keeping study groups on track and efficient is difficult! Here are some tips I learned while taking APUSH that help keep study groups productive and fun.

💭 Plan Goals . . .

When you first start studying, plan what you want to accomplish as a group. Whether it's finishing a study guide, getting through flashcards, making a timeline, or something else, having a shared goal is key to being productive.

🍬 . . . and Breaks

As you plan your goals, plan breaks that you can take once you accomplish them. If your goal is to finish a study guide, you could plan to take a break once you're halfway complete, and then take another break when you're done. This can help you finish efficiently and still have fun while studying!

📕 Get Materials

Once you have your schedule decided, gather all the materials you'll need to accomplish your goal. This will allow you to study uninterrupted after you start.
Want more materials? Watch this 🎥 video on how to use study guides effectively. And this 🎥 video on efficient note taking part I and 🎥 note taking part II.

👀 Follow your schedule!

Now that you have a plan, all you have to do is follow it! The best way to do that is to minimize distractions. Some of the best ways to remember and comprehend information is by discussing it, so use that to your advantage!
👉 Finally, have fun studying! Studying history is much more interesting when you discuss it with others, and a big part of history is learning about other perspectives. Good luck with your studying this year and remember: You got this!

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