What Memes Are Perfect for AP European History?

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Best AP Euro Memes

Looking for a break from studying for AP European History? Turn to memes. You can rest your mind for a few minutes, but still get some educational content and review! You might not want to learn the course through memes, though. Look on the bright side: as you move through history, you'll understand more memes. Take a look!
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👑 Absolute Monarchs Meet the Enlightenment


Image Courtesy of apush_it_real_good on Instagram

If you know anything about absolute monarchy and the Enlightenment, you likely understand why this connection can be surprising at first. After all, absolute monarchy is founded on the idea that there is an ultimate authority, while Enlightenment ideas focus on the individual. However, absolute monarchs used Enlightenment concepts to further justify their traditional rule during changing times.
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🧾 The Third Estate Says "No" to Taxes


Image Courtesy of Kallpal17 on Twitter

Prior to the French Revolution, France used a social hierarchy system that organized its citizens into three estates:
  1. The First Estate - clergy
  1. The Second Estate - nobility
  1. The Third Estate - commoners
While the clergy and nobility were far more privileged and wealthy, the tax burden fell on the commoners. This structure caused tension in the country, especially as the Third Estate encompassed the majority of the population, and was one of the reasons that the French Revolution began.
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🏘️ Natural Rights with John Locke


Hint: click here to watch it. Image Courtesy of slaviccaesar on TikTok

If you only remember a few names from AP Euro, John Locke should be among them, as he was one of the most impactful figures during the Enlightenment. As shared in the TikTok, he defined natural rights as "life, liberty, and property." He believed that a successful government would ensure that these rights are maintained.
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💸 Pay Your Sins Away


Image Courtesy of leg_meat on Reddit

During the late Medieval Ages, the Catholic Church introduced indulgences, which are referenced in this meme. The system allowed people to purchase indulgences in exchange for the forgiveness of their sins. The Catholic Church gained a great deal of wealth from this practice, which allowed for extravagant creations like St. Peter's Basilica. Indulgences were a cause of debate within the Catholic Church (think about Martin Luther) and were eventually abolished by the Council of Trent.
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WWI Consequences for Germany

As World War 1 came to an end, the Allied Powers sought to punish Germany for their contributions to the war. The Treaty of Versailles accomplished just that, requiring the country to accept responsibility for the war and pay reparations. These conditions launched Germany into an unstable climate, especially economically. Tensions arose from the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and, along with other factors, would eventually lead to World War 2.
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➕ Need More Memes?

If you laughed at any of the memes above (or if you didn’t laugh and would like better memes), use this opportunity to learn how to make your own! Many websites, such as ImgFlip, can be used to add text to existing templates. You could also edit memes that you find on social media or, if you have the skills, create original memes. The possibilities are endless. Remember to tag @thinkfiveable on Instagram or Twitter to share your AP Euro memes!
Of course, you can also browse through hashtags and accounts on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and more! Many history memes come with an attached explanation, which can be especially helpful as you review (or procrastinate) for the AP exam.

💫 Some Final Words...

Remember to balance the memes in your life! They can give you a good break from the heavy content, but they're not the best studying technique. Read a chapter in your textbook and find related memes to test your knowledge.
If you'd like to feel more productive as you scroll through memes, create your own and add explanations. Happy studying and good luck on your AP Euro adventures!
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