4.10 Ideology and Social Policy

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Social Issues 

There is also a strong divide between ideologies when it comes to social policy issues. Due to the fact that the values and beliefs of people are constantly changing, there are some events that can shape the way that people see social policy. But, there are still questions concerning the following key points: 
  • Government Interference - It consists of a question with a complex answer: how much should the government act when it comes to individuals’ lives? 
  • Individual Liberties - Each person holds individual rights that should not be violated, as they are mostly constitutional. 

Party Ideology

Different parties have distinct approaches when it comes to social policy, according to their ideologies. Here's a chart that breaks down how major American political parties approach it:
Social Policy 
  • Democratic 
Mostly support the implementation of welfare programs, such as Social Security and Medicaid. But the Democratic party strongly opposes interferences in people’s private life and mostly supports issues such as same-sex marriages and abortions.  
  • Republican 
Unlike the Democrats, Republicans believe that the government should not use social welfare programs to decrease social inequality. But, they believe that the government should interfere in issues such as abortion and legalization of marijuana to maintain order and traditional values. 
  • Libertarians 
Libertarians believe that the government should have no interference at all in social issues, as the citizens should have freedom to evolve without these institutions. 
Watch Akhilesh Shivaramakrishan review this key topic here.
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