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👋What is Hours?

Sometimes, it can be hard to study on your own for prolonged periods of time, especially if you’re still unsure about some of the key topics or get distracted easily. I know that it’s so tempting, and sometimes I pull up TikTok or Instagram just to continue procrastinating. With Hours, you can create virtual study groups and your friends could help you stay accountable🎉

🔨Tools within Hours

Hours has all of the tools you’d need to study integrated within the platform.

✔️Task List

You could start creating your own to-do list, and check things off as you complete them. You’d also see your friend’s to-do list and who’s being more productive👀


Hours also has an integrated timer so that you can maintain your productivity and take breaks when needed! This feature is especially helpful if you use the Pomodoro Technique when studying.
If you aren’t sure what the Pomodoro Technique is, it is a time management method in which there are periods of work time and then short breaks between them. You could alter the length of your work-time to your liking and then get nice breaks to keep your productivity flowing without you losing any motivation. 
👉For more on the Pomodoro Technique, check out our study guide all about it.
You and your friends could both work during set intervals, and then have a break together to break up the study time, it’s perfect!


Now you must be thinking, how can I stay engaged with my friends in this studying session? Hours allows you to communicate through messages, voice, or video. There is a chat bar included in the session, and an integrated ability to voice call or video call.

Inviting your Friends

Inviting your friends to your session is easy as well! Just send them the custom session link to get the session started.

📚Solo Mode

What about studying alone? You could start your own private session and use the timer and task list integrated.


To complete your studying session, you could listen to our Lofi playlist right from Hours! We have hundreds of songs handpicked from our team🙃

The inside of an Hours session!

💭What do Students Think?

"It’s the PERFECT co-working app. I used to use all of the features that Hours has in 5 different apps." - Benjamin B. / High school student
“This is so innovative, I love the accountability aspect! I would’ve never gotten this much work done without it” - Ben A. / Student at Cal Poly SLO

The Hours Dashboard

The Hours dashboard is pretty easy to navigate, but here is a quick summary!
  • On the top, there is always a quote of the day to keep you motivated🏃
  • On the right, you’d find a friend system. It is just like the friends feature that Spotify has.
  • In the middle of the page, there is a system where you could view your:
    • Tasks completed
    • Percentage of tasks completed
    • Sessions completed
  • As you scroll down, you’d be able to view the status of your tasks, the people you’ve done sessions with, and your current and finished sessions. This allows you to keep track of your studies and what you have done recently.

Your Hours Dashboard

🌙Once you enter a session, there is even a focus mode that you could activate. This mode would make it so only the task list and timer would be visible
Hours is all about keeping students accountable, focused, and giving them a sense of direction with their tasks! Sign up now to start studying and keeping it enjoyable 🍀

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